Breakdown Services Sues Netxplosion Entertainment For Copyright Infringement

copyright-attorney-entertainment-breakdowns.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Breakdown Services, Ltd. prepares script analyses and summaries, commonly known as “breakdowns,” to the entertainment community. The breakdowns are distributed via the Internet to authorized theatrical and other talent agencies and management companies. Plaintiff has applied for copyright registration of the material and alleges that all of the breakdowns prominently display the following warning: “This confidential information is the property of Breakdown Services, Ltd. – DO NOT COPY!!!”

Netxplosion is accused of copying Plaintiff’s breakdowns in their entirety and infringing Plaintiff’s copyrights by selling unauthorized copies of the breakdowns. Plaintiff allegedly demanded that Defendants cease infringing on Plaintiff’s works, but Defendants continued to willfully and knowingly copy Plaintiff’s breakdown. The case is Breakdown Services, Ltd. v. Netxplosion et al., CV09-8179 DSF (C.D. Cal. 2009).