Industry Newsletter, Proprietary Analysis, And Information Provider Sues Subscriber For Copyright Infringement

Los Angeles, CA – Attorney files copyright infringement lawsuit on behalf of Forestweb – an information and industry intelligence provider – for infringement of its copyrights in its published newsletter. Forestweb uses proprietary software and technology to collect and analyze data regarding the wood, pulp, paper and forest product industries worldwide. Subscribers are provided access to its newsletter pursuant to a written license agreement, where the licensing fee is based upon the number of readers employed by the business. Forestweb routinely registers its copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Defendant Stora Enso Timber entered into a license agreement and identified ten users with a corresponding annual license fee. Forestweb alleges that Stora breached the license agreement by distributing electronic copies of the copyrighted content to a larger number of its employees without paying the increased licensing fee. The unauthorized distribution of the copyrighted newsletters is the basis for the copyright infringement claim under 17 U.S.C. §§ 106 and 501. Forestweb also asserts a cause of action for the breach of the licensing agreement. Forestweb asks for attorneys’ fees and costs, as provided for in the licensing agreement, and also under 17 U.S.C. § 505. The case is titled: Forestweb, Inc. v. Stora Enso Timber, CV08-01306 SVW (C.D. California).