Neflix Sued For Copyright Infringement Over “I Am Waiting No More” Movie

copyright-attorney-motion-picture-waiting-no-more-jacoby.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Jacoby Entertainment, Ltd. sued Netflix, Inc. and Tango Entertainment, Inc. over releas and distribution of “I Am Waiting No More” motion picture. Plaintiff is owned by Joseph Jacoby, a motion picture director-writer-producer. In 1971, he completed the screenplay for the motion picture “Hurry Up, Or I’ll be 30,” which was fortunately and correctly registered with the Copyright Office – and not the WGA. Cinematic production was completed soon thereafter and the movie was released in theatres in 1973.

Plaintiff alleges that Netflix has been renting unauthorized copies of the motion picture under the changed name of “I Am Waiting No More.” The copies distributed by Defendants are allegedly of poor quality because they are derived from a physically worn print of “Hurry Up, Or I’ll be 30.” Plaintiff contends that Defendants have also altered the picture’s opening main title and removed the copyright notice. Further, the DVD jacket has also been changed by substituting a picture of Danny DeVito in his 50’s in place of the original picture when he was in his 20’s. The case is Jacoby Entertainment, Ltd. v. Netflix, Inc. et al., CV09-7557 PA (C.D. Cal. 2009).