Los Angeles Copyright Music Attorneys File Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Jamie Foxx To Protect Allegedly Copied Song

Los Angeles, CA – Copyright attorney filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal District Court to protect a song from allegedly being copied by musician, singer, actor and comedian Jamie Foxx. In 1999, Plaintiffs, Trace Augcomfar and Marvin Paige, obtained a copyright registration for a musical composition titled “Losing Me In You.” In December, 2005, Jamie Foxx provided the vocals on an album entitled “Unpreditable,” featuring the musical composition entitled “Do What It Do.” The complaint alleges that the “Do What It Do” composition is strikingly similar to the musical composition written by the Plaintiffs in 1999, and the chorus, or musical “hook”, is identical. Plaintiffs allege that Foxx gained access to Plaintiffs’ song through a mutual acquaintance, Conrad Hilton. Plaintiffs contend that Foxx’s infringement was knowing, willful and intentional. Plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages of no less than $1 million, for an accounting of all gains, profits and advantages of Defendants, and attorneys fees and costs.