Los Angeles Garment Industry Copyright Attorney Files Copyright Lawsuit Over Infringement Of Fabric/Textile Pattern Design Against Jones Apparel

Los Angeles, CA – A garment industry copyright lawsuit was instituted by copyright attorneys for Major Textile Imports, Inc. against Jones Apparel Group, Inc in Los Angeles District Court. In November 2006, Major Textile designed a fabric design or pattern and applied for copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, which copyright was registered in December of 2006. In fact, Major Textile produced several fabric designs and applied to copyright them with the Copyright Office around the same time frame. Major Textile asserts that it “has always printed its copyrighted designs on good quality fabric in attractive color combinations and sold fabric bearing the copyrighted designs to garment manufacturers and others.”

Jones-Apparel-pic.jpgPlaintiff asserts that “since at least as early as or prior to September 2007, Jones Apparel infringed said copyright by advertising, offering for sale, and selling…garments imprinted with designs and/or patterns which is (sic.) closely copied from and substantially similar to Major Textile’s copyrighted designs, patterns and/or fabrics.” In addition to monetary damages, Plaintiff seeks preliminary and permanent injunctions against defendant’s sale of the allegedly infringing garments made with the Plaintiff’s designs, patterns, and/or fabrics. Plaintiff also seeks recovery of its costs and attorneys’ fees. The case is titled Major Textile Imports, Inc. v. Jones Apparel Group, Inc., CV08-01448 CAS (C.D. California).