Los Angeles Patent Attorneys File Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Disk Drive Technology

Los Angeles, CA – A patent infringement lawsuit was filed by Xyratex’s patent attorneys at the Federal District Court in Los Angeles, accusing Teradyne of infringing on its disk drive patent. Xyratex is the owner by assignment of the invention covered by U.S. Patent No. 6,826,046, entitled “Disk Drive Unit.” The patent relates to asynchronous disk drive testing field, where by controlling the temperature of each disk drive in a testing apparatus that houses multiple disk drives enables each disk drive to be tested independently.

los-angeles-patent-attorney-disk-drive-xyratex.jpgThe complaint alleges that Teradyne has subsequently designed, manufactured, and offered for sale asynchronous disk drive test equipment that controls the temperature of individual disk drives in a testing apparatus that houses multiple disk drives. Xyratex states that it has not been able to study Defendant’s product and compare it to the ‘046 patent, in order to comply with it pre-suit investigation, because the Defendant’s product and/or specifications are not publicly available. Representatives of both parties allegedly met and Xyratex asked the defendant to provide an analysis and explanation of why Teradyne’s product does not infringe the ‘046 patent. Teradyne has allegedly refused to provide such explanation, resulting in the filing of the instant lawsuit. In addition to monetary damages, Xyratex also seeks both preliminary and permanent injunctions against further alleged infringement. The case is titled Xyratex Technology, Inc. v. Teradyne, Inc., CV 08-04545 SJO (C.D. Cal. 2008).