Thanks For Thanksgiving Patents And Benjamin Franklin’s Loss

patent-attorney-deep-fryer-turkey-patent-1109.jpgDuring this Thanksgiving week, I would like to thank the readers of my two-cents (if it’s worth that) and intellectual property law for providing interesting – at least to me – topics to blog. How does intellectual property apply to Thanksgiving? Well, the first invention applies to how my turkey will be prepared . . . in a deep fryer of course. It may sound strange and greasy, but deep fried turkeys are moist, crispy, and delicious. U.S. Patent No. 5,896,810 covers the turkey frying apparatus that I’ve come to appreciate. After you’ve tasted a deep-fried turkey, you won’t go back to oven roasted. Also, when you realize you can cook a 14 pound turkey in about 45 minutes, your oven will thank you for going green.

Now, the next invention I will probably pass on. U.S. Patent No. D397,955 relates to a turkey decoration in general. More specifically, the invention allows you to dress up a pumpkin to look like a turkey. It’s a good thing Benjamin Franklin didn’t get his way or the pumpkin turkey may have been the national bird.