Santa Ana Patent Attorneys File Patent Infringement Lawsuit To Protect Wheel Design Patent From Copying

Santa Ana, CA – Patent attorneys for Allstar Tire & Wheel commenced patent infringement litigation at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Santa Ana Division) to protect a wheel design patent from copying. U.S. Patent No. D503,369, titled “Decorative Vehicular Wheel Lip,” issued on March 29, 2005 to an individual inventor, Joey K. Kato. The ‘369 Patent was assigned to Allstar Tire & Wheel, including the right to sue for infringement.

patent-attorney-wheel-af129.jpgAllstar sent a cease and desist letter to Defendant Wheel Pros in mid-2007; however, the complaint alleges that Wheel Pros has not responded and has not ceased the sale of infringing products. In fact, Allstar alleges that Wheel Pros has continued to add new models of wheels that infringe the ‘369 Patent. As a result, the complaint claims that Wheel Pros’ alleged infringement is willful and intentional and requests enhanced damages. The case is titled Allstar Tire & Wheel, Inc. v. Wheel Pros, Inc., SACV08-00563 AHS (C.D. Cal. 2008).