Automotive Racing Sues Procomp Motorsports for Trademark Infringement

trademark-attorney-car-automotive-bolts-infringement.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Automotive Racing Products manufactures a wide range of bolts, fasteners, and other parts and accessories for automobiles. In 1975, Plaintiff began using the ARP trademark, which was registered with the USPTO on January 19, 1988. Plaintiff is also the owner of the “2000” trademark, which was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on February 10, 2004. Plaintiff alleges that its 2000 and ARP trademarks have become well-known in the automotive industry.

Beginning in 2008, Defendants are accused of selling bolts marked with a “2000” label and the bolts were made to look like Plaintiff’s products. Plaintiff also alleges that Defendants falsely represented that their infringing bolts were ARP bolts. Plaintiff contends that Defendants were fully aware of Plaintiff’s trademarks and have intentionally infringed the marks to unjustly benefit from Plaintiff’s reputation. Plaintiff asserts causes of action for trademark infringement, unfair competition under both the Lanham Act and Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code 17200, and unjust enrichment. The case is Automotive Racing Products, Inc. and Procomp Electronics, Inc., CV10-02884 MRP (C.D. Cal. 2010).