Costco’s P90X® Sales Triggers Copyright And Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

copyright-attorney-trademark-lawyer-p90x.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Product Partners, LLC sued Costco Wholesale Corporation for copyright and trademark infringement and Lanham Act § 43(a) unfair competition over sales of fitness and weight loss products. Plaintiff sells a P90X® home exercise kit that includes workout routine DVDs featuring a technique called muscle confusion, “which prevents exercise plateauing by varying exercises over days and weeks such that the body has difficulty adapting.” Plaintiff uses its federally registered and incontestable P90X® and Beachbody® trademarks on its DVDs, which are sold on its website. Further, Plaintiff owns several copyright registrations for its variety of DVDs.

Plaintiff purchased allegedly infringing P90X® DVDs from several Costco stores across the country. Plaintiff complains that “despite receiving notice of its infringing activities, Costco has continued to market, sell and distribute counterfeit P90X® DVDs in violation of Plaintiff’s federal copyright” registrations and registered trademarks. The case is Product Partners, LLC v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, CV 09-04990 GW (C.D. Cal. 2009).