Clothing Manufacturer Stussy Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over Use Of Its Website Pictures

Los Angeles, CA – Copyright lawyers for Stussy, Inc. filed a copyright infringement lawsuit, at the Central District Of California, against Defendants Shoes And Tees99 and If Investments. In 1980, Shawn Stussy, a local cult surfboard designer, applied his scrawled signature logo to tee-shirts and sold them in Laguna Beach, California. Since that time, the clothing line has grown to an internationally recognized brand which is promoted and sold on its websites and The websites and the photographs thereon have been registered with the US Copyright Office.

copyright-lawyer-infringement-stussy.jpgThe complaint alleges that Defendants reproduced and copied the copyrighted photographs without Stussy’s permission. “Specifically, Defendants have used the copyrighted photographs in connection with auctions on Stussy notified eBay, Inc. that Defendants were using infringing copies of Stussy’s Copyrighted Works. eBay terminated the Defendants’ auctions because of the infringement. Yet, Defendants continue to make further and additional use of the photographs contained in the Copyrighted Works.” The case is titled: Stussy, Inc. v. ShoesAndTees99, et al., SACV08-01435 AG (C.D. Cal. 2008).