Hollywood Trademark Attorneys File Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over Quiksilver’s USPTO Registered Trademarks

Hollywood, CA – Trademark attorneys file trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and Lanham Act 43(a) unfair competition lawsuit, on behalf of Quiksilver, in Los Angeles Federal District Court, against Walmart, alleging infringement of Quiksilver’s USPTO registered trademarks. Quicksilver has filed a family of “Roxy” trademark applications and received registration certificates from the USPTO. Plaintiff also claims that it has spent substantial sums in advertising its products bearing the Roxy trademarks such that the trademarks have become famous in the minds of consumers. The complaint alleges that Quiksilver’s investigator surveyed Wal-Mart stores and discovered sweatshirts bearing counterfeit trademarks. Also, Plaintiff alleges that Wal-Mart is not authorized to sell products bearing the Roxy trademark. The case is titled Quiksilver, Inc. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., CV08-01791 DSF (C.D. California).