Bel Air Lighting Sues For Declaratory Relief Of Copyright Invalidity and Non-Infringement Of Light Fixture

light-fixture-copyright-lighting-crystal-shade-infringement.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Bel Air Lighting is suing Schonbek over the sales of Bel Air’s Portfolio light fixture. Schonbek previously sued Lowe’s Home Centers for copyright infringement for selling the Portfolio light fixture. Bel Air claims that there is an actual case or controversy between the parties and it can seek declaratory relief of copyright invalidity and non-infringement. Bel Air alleges that Schonbeks are invalid because the light fixtures are outside the scope of subject matter entitled to copyright protection in that they merely include placement of preexisting elements around a fixture, are useful articles, lack artistic features aside from utilitarian functions, and/or lack originality. The case is Bel Air Lighting, Inc. v. Schonbek Worldwide Lighting, Inc., CV10-10069 MMM (C.D. Cal. 2010).