Los Angeles, CA: Lawyers File Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Tuna And Food Processing Patents In The Central District Of California

Los Angeles, CA –Lawyers file patent infringement lawsuit, on behalf of food processor Tuna Processors, Inc., in Los Angeles Federal District Court, alleging infringement of USPTO issued Patent No. 5,484,619. The patent is titled Method For Curing Fish And Meat By Extra-Low Temperature Smoking. The patent claims a method of smoking raw fish and meat to sterilize and prvent decomposition and discoloration without losing their freshness. The complaint alleges that Hilo Fish Company, Inc., located in Hawaii, “imports and/or sells, or induces or contributes to others importing and/or selling, tuna which has been treated by extra-low temperature smoking which infringes, induces infringement of, and/or contributes to the infringement of the ‘619 patent.” Specifically, the complaint alleges that Hilo Fish has labeled its products as produced under the ‘619 patent. In addition to preliminary and permanent injunctions, the suit seeks monetary damages. Also, it alleges that the infringement has been willful and asserts that this is an exceptional case, entitling the plaintiff to treble damages and attorneys’ fees. The case is titled Tuna Processors, Inc. v. Hilo Fish Company, Inc., CV08-01236 R (C.D. California).