Pasadena Patent Attorney Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over USPTO Design Patents Covering Custom Wheels Designs

Pasadena, CA – Patent attorney files patent infringement lawsuit on behalf of Mobile Hi-Tech Wheels, Inc. over USPTO issued design patents covering custom wheels against Custom Wheels Unlimited, Inc. in Los Angeles District Court. Mobile has designed and distributed custom wheels for automobiles since 1996, and its products are sold to automobile dealers and retail distributors of custom wheels. Its Condo wheel design was issued U.S. Design Patent No. 497,583. Its Big Homie wheel design was issued U.S. Design Patent No. 514,052. The complaint alleges patent infringement because Custom Wheels Unlimited “manufactured, imported, offered for sale and/or sold vehicle wheels which are copies of the patented Condo and Big Homie designs. The complaint seeks monetary damages and a preliminary and permanent injunction barring Custom Wheels Unlimited from infringing on the patents. The case is titled Mobile Hi-Tech Wheels, v. Custom Wheels Unlimited, Inc., CV08-01599 MMM (C.D. California).