Los Angeles, CA: Patent Declaratory Judgment Of Invalidity, Non-Infringement, and Unenforceability Filed By Patent Attorneys For Branan Medical Against Sun Biomedical Laboratories Over Screening Tests

Los Angeles, CA – Patent attorneys for Branan Medical filed a declaratory judgment of invalidity, non-infringement, and unenforceability lawsuit, under 28 U.S.C. § 2201, in Federal District Court in Los Angeles, against Sun Biomedical Laboratories. Sun Biomedical sent a cease and desist letter to Branan Medical accusing its Oratect III Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device, OratectPlus Oral Fluid Drug & Alcohol Screen Device, and Fastect II Drug Screen Dipstick of infringing on US Patent Nos. 6,046,058 and 6,372,516. Branan Medical, fearing that it would be sued for patent infringement, filed the instant declaratory relief action seeking the Court’s ruling on the patents at issue. The case is titled Branan Medical Corporation v. Sun Biomedical Laboratories, Inc., CV 08-01944 MMM (C.D. Cal. 2008)