Super Bowl Trademarks and Copyrights Used By NFL To Stop Churches From Hosting Viewing Parties

Every year as the Super Bowl approaches, the National Football League begins to use trademark law and copyright law to enforce its trademarks for the words “Super Bowl” and its copyrights of the broadcast. In years past, the NFL has prevented hotels from using its trademark “Super Bowl” in association with viewing parties. This year, the NFL has sent cease and desist letters to churches that intend to host “Super Bowl” viewing parties. The NFL has asserted that showing the game on television screens larger than 55 inches violates the NFL’s copyrights. Copyright Statute: 17 U.S.C. § 110(5)(B). The NFL argues that viewing parties slant its Nielsen Ratings downward, which are used to determine viewership and, in turn, the amount the NFL can charge advertisers, thereby decreasing advertising revenue. Click To Read Christian Post Article.