Central District Of California Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Over Pants Garment Design Product

Los Angeles, CA – Corporacion’s patent attorneys filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the Central District of California (Los Angeles Division), accusing Charming Shoppes and Lane Bryant of patent infringement. U.S. Patent No. 6,543,062 entitled “Pants Garment with Body Profile Enhancement Features” was duly issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on April 8, 2003. After the ‘062 patent’s issuance, it was assigned to plaintiff Corporacion.

garment-patent-attorney-clothing-pants-los-angeles.jpgThe ‘062 patent covers a pants garment with elastic components built therein to allow for an improved anatomical fit: “the pants garment is provided with a unique cut and assembly that lifts and accentuates the wearer’s buttocks. In another preferred aspect of the invention, the pants garment additionally reduces the wearer’s stomach.” Defendants sell jeans and pants under the “Secret Slimmer” trademark, which are accused of infringing the ‘062 patent: “[t]he Secret Slimmer products are not staple articles of commerce, and Defendants know or should know that these products have no substantial non-infringing uses. Defendants engage in these acts despite their actual notice and knowledge of the ‘062 patent.” In addition to monetary damages, which Plaintiff asks the Court to treble based on the alleged intentional infringement by Defendants, the Plaintiff also seeks preliminary and permanent injunctions. The case is titled Corporacion 1466, C.A. v. Charming Shoppes, Inc. et al., CV 08-04693 MMM (Central District of California 2008).