Music Group “The Heavy,” CBS, and NFL Sued For Copyright Infringement Over “How You Like Me Now?” Song

Los Angeles, CA – Drive-In Music Company sued the musical group “The Heavy,” CBS, NFL and others for copyright infringement. In 1969, Arlester Christian wrote the musical composition entitled “Let a Woman Be a Woman, (and Let a Man Be a Man),” which was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. All the rights to the song were then assigned to Plaintiff in the same year. Here’s the Plaintiff’s musical composition:



The NFL and CBS became defendants for airing a KIA car commercial incorporating The Heavy’s song during the Super Bowl®. Plaintiff alleges that the infringement is willful and intentional and demands enhanced damages and attorneys’ fees. I will go out on a limb and predict that this case will settle quickly. The case is Drive-In Music Co., Inc. v. CBS Corporation et al., CV10-01783 JFW (C.D. Cal. 2010).