Spencer Forrest’s Trade Dress And Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Megathik Gets Hairy

hair-care-products-trademark-toppik-megathik-lawsuit.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Spencer Forrest sells hair products for balding men and women, which includes the Toppik® product lines and the Xfusion® Keratin Hair Fibers products. Plaintiff claims it has trade dress protection in its product packaging, which trade dress is defined as having “a distinctive white product name on a dark brown cylindrical container about 4 ¾” in height and about 1 11/16″ in diameter, with white lettering and narrow colored band at the bottom of the cap, which features separately and together serve to uniquely identify that Plaintiff’s said products sold in that Trade Dress are from a single source.” Assuming that the features can “separately” function as the product’s trade dress, the defendant’s product does not appear to incorporate the alleged color scheme, both in the script and product’s package color.

Plaintiff’s trademark infringement claim is based on Defendant’s imbedding into meta tags and other uses of the Toppik® mark on Defendant’s website. The use of Plaintiff’s trademark is alleged to surreptitiously drive traffic to Defendant’s website, which increases sales for Defendant’s products. The case is Spencer Forrest, Inc. v. Megathik, Inc., CV09-1876 PSG (C.D. Cal. 2009).