Zumba Fitness Sues Trademark and Copyright Infringement and Counterfeiting

fitness-dvd-copyright-trademark-attorney-ebay-zumba.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Zumba Fitness has filed several lawsuits accusing eBay sellers of counterfeiting its fitness DVDs and infringing its trademarks and copyrights. Zumba® Fitness is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that combines international music with dance steps to create an aerobic exercise regimen. Plaintiff alleges that over 10 million people take weekly Zumba classes worldwide. Plaintiff owns numerous copyright registrations and USPTO trademark registrations for Zumba related products and services.

Plaintiff alleges that in its ongoing investigation of counterfeit sales of Zumba products, its private investigator purchased an allegedly counterfeit “Zumba 4 DVD Box Set” from the Defendants. “The inspection of the purchased item confirmed that the item Defendants sold to the investigator was in fact a counterfeit and an unauthorized Zumba 4 DVD Box Set.” Plaintiff also asserts claims for unfair competition, trademark dilution, and unjust enrichment.



The case is Zumba Fitness, LLC v. Brenda Buxton, CV11-02135 CAS (C.D. Cal. 2011).